"Nice" Capitalism Movement ?

I was so pleased to see the support of readers in the ideas presented in my latest book “Nice Capitalism”. The book’s findings reveal that Nice Capitalism, Nice Corporations and Nice Nations( with happy people) are inter-related.
Somehow I have the impression that we are in front of a “Nice” Capitalism Movement, ie a community in search of more : democracy, justice, transparency (lack of corruption ), equality (narrow income gap, power distances in society), responsibility, honesty, human centric attitudes, sustainable development, high standards of corporate governance, focus on well-being and human happiness and the human measure (“metron” )
For those of you not yet familiar with the ideas presented in the book, a very brief description follows.
The book reveals the secret relationship of people and their psyche with brands, and uses brands as a prism for the identification of emerging mega-trends in the meta-globalisation economy.
On the economic and business level, the book explains why a number of emerging forces or ‘known unknowns’ could have extreme and devastating effects on brands and will lead to the rise to a new species of brands, ‘Nice Brands’ and ‘Nice Capitalism’, two developments that clearly are interrelated, as the book explains, and usually lead to happier people and more ‘Happy Nations’, particularly in Europe.
On the human level, describes how the individual in search of a true meaning in life and in pursuit of happiness, is shifting away from a materialistic culture imposed externally by the brands’ pseudo-authority, is even taking control of brands and, finally, is moving towards greater human autonomy, thus marking the end of consumers’ permissiveness and the fall of Psycho- Persuaders.
The book was proved prophetic, since with his own way ( and with it’s underlined message “Nice Capitalism…WANTED! ) forecasted in time the collapse of the American economic hegemony and it’s model of “Selfish” Capitalism – characterized by greed, arrogance but also indifference for the increasing inequalities in the society – and the supremacy of “Nice” Capitalism that is adopted mainly in countries of Europe , based on the ancient Greek – centric idea of “metron” (measure) in life.
To order a copy: Amazon . For more, including full book contents, sample chapters and other useful info, click here

About Costas Kataras

Futurist,Strategist,Speaker; Author of "Nice Capitalism" ;Purveyor of the "Nice Way" strategy, for a sustainable future for Brands,Corporations and Society. http://www.costaskataras.org
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