What’s Wrong with Drug Marketing Communications ?

Prescription drugs have brought many benefits for many people, but their marketing is mired in controversy. Weak government regulation and inadequate industry codes mean that drug companies are using irresponsible marketing to push their pills on doctors, the public and patients. Consumer International’s (CI) Marketing Overdose Campaign is all about highlighting the unethical and irresponsible marketing practices of drug companies around the world. Get the latest updates from this blog.According to CI the winner of the Marketing Overdose Award for rampant promotion for 2008 goes to…Eli Lilly. According to CI “the company has run foul of marketing regulations in the promotion of it’s erectile dysfunction(ED) drug Cialis on a number of occasions”.With sales of over $1.1 billion, Cialis is one of Lilly’s biggest sellers and the company only for 2007 spent $152 million on marketing communications and promotion.The company , according to CI, has been “officially censured by British and Australian authorities no less than three times in the past few years”

About Costas Kataras

Futurist,Strategist,Speaker; Author of "Nice Capitalism" ;Purveyor of the "Nice Way" strategy, for a sustainable future for Brands,Corporations and Society. http://www.costaskataras.org
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