IKEA Foundation : “Soft Toys for Education “ campaign was able to donate 12,4 mil euro last year

Every year, the IKEA Foundation donates €1 for every soft toy sold in participating IKEA stores in November and December. The donation goes to Save the Children and UNICEF , and is spent on children’s educational projects.
The IKEA Foundation was able to donate  €12.4 million in 2011. 
Since 2003, the Soft Toys for Education campaign has:  raised €47.5 million, supported over 70 projects in nearly 40 countries, helped more than 8 million children receive a better education.
The projects improve education in Asia, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. With the funding, program  partners help schools become more child-friendly with well-trained teachers for all children, girls and boys, including those from ethnic minorities and those with special needs.

About Costas Kataras

Futurist,Strategist,Speaker; Author of "Nice Capitalism" ;Purveyor of the "Nice Way" strategy, for a sustainable future for Brands,Corporations and Society. http://www.costaskataras.org
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