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A Professor at Cambridge is analytically debunking the myths of capitalism in his book “23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism”

As Chang puts it in Guardian: “Economics, as it has been practised in the last three decades, has been positively harmful for most people.” !! And he adds “Economists are not some innocent technicians who did a decent job within … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Leaders Selfless and Ready to Collaborate ?

Conventional wisdom holds that winning, whether in business or life, is a zero-sum game: One wins and the other loses. Yet when surveyed about the ideal modern leader, 64,000 people in 13 countries–from China to Canada–wished their leaders were slightly … Continue reading

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In a volatile business climate, companies can gain advantage by learning from nature’s rules

Good business is fundamentally about seeking out opportunities for value creation, not about trying to get something for nothing. As our social, economic and environmental landscapes become ever more volatile, business approaches need to adapt and evolve to optimise the … Continue reading

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After Capitalism? “Nice Capitalism” … of course !!

Economist Jayati Ghosh has seven dreams for an ideal society, which would root out inequality but preserve cultural differences. You can see the relevant video in Guardian here. She is one of the world’s leading economists, professor of economics at Jawaharlal … Continue reading

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Brands in search of a more enlightened form of capitalism?

 “Conventional capitalism is dying with yesterday’s industrial era model of growth in permanent decline. Increasingly, the advantage will cede to companies that practice a more enlightened form of business, paying more than just lip-service to environmental and social agendas. According … Continue reading

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Two books and the Greek crisis: A BBC Perspective

BBC’s Paul Mason noticed two books in English on the desk of the Greek ex finance minister a couple of months ago: Andrew RossSorkin’s “Too Big to Fall” and Costas Kataras “Nice Capitalism” . As Mason starts his interesting article … Continue reading

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Arrogant Brand? You’re Dead To Me!

It’s almost three years now, and before the economic crisis, that I wrote my book “ Nice Capitalism- A Secret Journey to the Death of the Arrogant Brant”. Since then, continuously and steadily new research data and studies are confirming … Continue reading

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Income inequality and the global crisis

Michael Kumhof, Deputy Division Chief, Modeling Unit, Research Department, IMF and Romain Rancière, Associate Professor of Economics at Paris School of Economics are apocalyptic regarding the origins of the financial crisis in a recent article (06/02/2011, VoxEU) and are fully … Continue reading

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Turn chaos into opportunity

EXPLOITING CHAOS by Jeremy Gutsche is an award-winning, bestselling, magazine-style book about 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. Disney, CNN, MTV, Hyatt, Microsoft, Apple, Fortune, GE, and Hewlett-Packard. Each of these companies were created during periods of … Continue reading

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Socialism, Capitalism and… Brands

An interesting perspective of the ideas presented in Nice Capitalism, are discussed in Conscious Images a blog marketing the social economy. “These are huge ideas that seem supported by the evidence we see now of the impact on U.S. brands … Continue reading

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