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Income inequality and the global crisis

Michael Kumhof, Deputy Division Chief, Modeling Unit, Research Department, IMF and Romain Rancière, Associate Professor of Economics at Paris School of Economics are apocalyptic regarding the origins of the financial crisis in a recent article (06/02/2011, VoxEU) and are fully … Continue reading

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Turn chaos into opportunity

EXPLOITING CHAOS by Jeremy Gutsche is an award-winning, bestselling, magazine-style book about 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. Disney, CNN, MTV, Hyatt, Microsoft, Apple, Fortune, GE, and Hewlett-Packard. Each of these companies were created during periods of … Continue reading

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Socialism, Capitalism and… Brands

An interesting perspective of the ideas presented in Nice Capitalism, are discussed in Conscious Images a blog marketing the social economy. “These are huge ideas that seem supported by the evidence we see now of the impact on U.S. brands … Continue reading

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Are we Facing the Death of the Brand?

Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand “in a talk with Costas Kataras who has written a fascinating new book called Nice Capitalism which asks are brands dead”. The talk is about:Are brands in decline?What do we mean by the death … Continue reading

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"The Global Village Information Poor" book, free in the internet

The Global Village Information Poor (1998) by Costas Kataras, is dealing with strategies for growth in the knowledge-based economy and how nations and corporations , particularly from the European ‘south’, could avoid the Digital Divide phenomenon. Reviews in the national … Continue reading

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"Nice" Capitalism Movement ?

I was so pleased to see the support of readers in the ideas presented in my latest book “Nice Capitalism”. The book’s findings reveal that Nice Capitalism, Nice Corporations and Nice Nations( with happy people) are inter-related.Somehow I have the … Continue reading

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Forward Thinking

FORWARD THINKING AND PREDICTIONSOn Economic Crisis“The first candidate nation for the death of the arrogant capitalism (and brand ) is America, due to the extreme income inequalities compared only with the Great Depression era ..”(Costas Kataras, 2007/08,“Nice Capitalism” )“The rise … Continue reading

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