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Tomorrow’s Leaders Selfless and Ready to Collaborate ?

Conventional wisdom holds that winning, whether in business or life, is a zero-sum game: One wins and the other loses. Yet when surveyed about the ideal modern leader, 64,000 people in 13 countries–from China to Canada–wished their leaders were slightly … Continue reading

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The Internet destroyed the middle class ?

Jaron Lanier is a computer science pioneer who, according to SALON, has grown gradually disenchanted with the online world since his early days popularizing the idea of virtual reality. “Lanier is often described as ‘visionary,’ ” Jennifer Kahn wrote in … Continue reading

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In a volatile business climate, companies can gain advantage by learning from nature’s rules

Good business is fundamentally about seeking out opportunities for value creation, not about trying to get something for nothing. As our social, economic and environmental landscapes become ever more volatile, business approaches need to adapt and evolve to optimise the … Continue reading

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Twitter enters the boardroom?

As social media spreads around the globe, one enclave has proven stubbornly resistant, according to FastCompany: the boardroom. Perceptions remain that social media is at best a soft PR tool and at worst a time sink for already distracted employees. … Continue reading

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What Brands are Doing to Our Brains?

Brands activating our left angular gyrus, left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex  or left orbitofrontal gyrus, ie systems  in our brain that are associated with the extraction of meaning, conceptual organization,  reward, etc could be  common topics in the  daily agenda of … Continue reading

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Harvard now(?) wonders how to fix Capitalism: Replace it with … Nice Capitalism stupid!

Anna Farmery of the Engaging Brand is producing another top class podcast, talking about how business can help create social value. This time in an interview with Mark Kramer, founder and managing director at FSG and a Harvard CSR fellow, … Continue reading

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Nice Brands Finish First ? – The Emergence of New Species in the Brand Ecosystem

Analysis is showing that brands today, contrary to what is widely believed are forced both off the market and out of the hearts and minds of people. A number of emerging forces or “known unknowns” have been identified that could … Continue reading

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