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Tomorrow’s Leaders Selfless and Ready to Collaborate ?

Conventional wisdom holds that winning, whether in business or life, is a zero-sum game: One wins and the other loses. Yet when surveyed about the ideal modern leader, 64,000 people in 13 countries–from China to Canada–wished their leaders were slightly … Continue reading

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Towards the customer obsessed brand?

Welcome to the Age of the Customer and invest accordingly says Josh Bernoff  of Forrester Research , author of a new report titled “Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer”. According to the report, previous sources of dominance (ie  manufacturing, … Continue reading

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Turn chaos into opportunity

EXPLOITING CHAOS by Jeremy Gutsche is an award-winning, bestselling, magazine-style book about 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. Disney, CNN, MTV, Hyatt, Microsoft, Apple, Fortune, GE, and Hewlett-Packard. Each of these companies were created during periods of … Continue reading

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Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility, by the Danish Government

The action plan aims at promoting CSR and helping Danish businesses reap more benefits from being at the global vanguard of CSR. At the same time, the plan aims at strengthening the efforts to ensure that Denmark and Danish businesses … Continue reading

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Sustainable solutions to significant business, economic, social and environmental challenges

No one needs to be reminded that we live in increasingly turbulent times. New and enduring economic, social and environmental challenges grow more visible and urgent by the day. New ideas and emerging technologies make it possible to do things … Continue reading

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Healthy food is good for the environment, finds major think tank study

 A healthy diet also benefits the environment, according to a scientific study presented in Brussels today by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN). The study ‘Double Pyramid: Healthy Food for people, sustainable food for the planet’ indicates that … Continue reading

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A CSR Toolbox for European Companies

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of crucial importance for competitiveness in Europe, says the latest European Competitiveness Report published by the European Commission. The annual report analyses productivity and competitiveness issues in the EU. In that context the so called … Continue reading

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